The TRAIN-HEART consortium, funded by the European Commission (2019-2023), is made up to train a league of 15 promising fellows that harness novel insights in the pathogenesis of ischemic heart failure, study the therapeutic potential of existing RNA therapeutics and improve its efficacy by the design of novel drug delivery systems.


TRAIN-HEART brings together leading academic teams and (biotech) companies covering various disciplines ranging from fundamental research to clinical pharmacology and gene therapy to drug delivery applications, have teamed up in the European Union.

Research Programme

The TRAIN-HEART network aims to gain viable insight in the pathogenesis of ischemic heart failure which will serve as a basis for drug discovery and drug delivery efforts that aim to therapeutically target specific molecules and mechanisms within cardiomyocytes for the treatment of ischemic heart failure.  


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ERC Advanced Grant for Prof. Thomas Thum

In heart failure, the heart muscle is too weak to supply the body with enough blood, which then lacks oxygen and important nutrients. However, for half of those affected, pumping efficiency is not the real problem. Due to tissue remodeling, their hearts are too stiff to open and fill the heart chambers with enough blood. So far, cardiac fibrosis is hardly treatable. Professor Thum and his research team are focusing on what is called long non-coding RNAs (lncRNA). These are building blocks of our genetic material that are not responsible for the production of proteins, but control certain processes in cells. Previous research of Prof. Thum focused on the lncRNA targets. With the new ERC grant, Prof. Thum takes his work a step further and focuses on circular RNAs to reverse pathological remodelling of the injured heart.

On behalf of the TRAIN-HEART network, we congratulate Prof. Thum with the great achievement.

Tue, 21 June