HFA Webinar: Next generation RNA therapeutics

This webinar is covered by highly esteemed cardiovascular researchers including Prof. Thomas Thum (Hannover Medical School) and Prof. Gianluigi Condorelli (Humanitas University Milan). They are also Principal Investigators in the TRAIN-HEART network, hosting 3 Early Stage Researchers.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome is an improved understanding of:

  • How noncoding RNAs control biological functions of cardiovascular cells
  • How they can be used as biomarkers or therapeutic targets

Target Audience

Clinical and basic/translational professionals in the field of cardiology and RNA biology.

Learning Objectives

After watching this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the underlying mechanisms of how noncoding RNAs contribute to the cardiac remodelling process
  • Demonstrate the power of noncoding RNA modulation both for the diagnosis and therapy of heart failure

Watch the webinar recording HERE

Mon, 30 March