Interesting review published by Deepak Balamurali on the current ncRNA databases relevant to cardiovascular research.

There is a strong interest in deciphering the role of non-coding RNAs in disease causality, progression, and therapeutic targeting. To satisfy this growing interest, over 200 databases have been created. However, only a handful of these repositories are maintained systematically and being updated periodically. Previous reviews have listed lncRNA databases associated with cardiovascular diseases, the most recent of these being in 2016. In this age of fast-paced genomic discoveries, it is important to periodically assess the repositories for updates and extended functionalities. All the databases reviewed in this paper have been updated at least once since January 2018. We have used some prominent ncRNAs related to CVDs as examples to investigate the salient features in each of these repositories. You can access the full review paper here.

Thu, 19 November