Outstanding webinar on Biocompatible Drug Delivery Systems organized by Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

The full programme of the webinar:

Introduction to the webinar (Alexandra Montembault)

Part 1: General concepts (Thierry Delair)

  • The rationale for Drug Delivery systems
  • Targeting, what for and how?
  • Routes of administration and physiological barriers
  • Safety and regulations

Part 2: The formulation of DDS (Thierry Delair)

  • Polymers, polysaccharides and proteins II-2. Polymerdrugs
  • From monomers to Nano-scaled DDS
  • Nano-scaled DDS by macromolecular assembly
  • Loading the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient and the targeting species

Part 3: Examples

  • Nano-scaled delivery of anti-viral drugs for HAART (Thierry Delair)
  • Non-viral vectors for gene delivery (Hussein Genedy)
  • Nano-scaled systems for vaccine delivery (Thierry Delair)
  • Future and prospects

Part 4: Multi functional nano-scaled delivery systems towards theranostics (Arnaud Favier)

Fri, 06 August