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Born in the capital of Greece, Athens, he was awarded with the bilingual International Baccalaureate Diploma at his 18s, in 2013. Then, he moved to Glasgow to start a Bachelor’s honors degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology, at the University of Strathclyde, from where he graduated with a 5-year integrated Master’s degree in Pharmacology with distinction. In 2018, he relocated to London, to successfully complete with upper merit his Master of Research degree in Clinical Drug Development, at University College London (UCL).

He has had a wide variety of experiences in the research and development sector, during his academic career. As an undergraduate researcher, he had the opportunity to develop knock-out models of intellectual disabilities and to investigate the molecular changes associated with the disorder, in relation to zDHHC9 gene. During his second independent laboratory project as an MSci researcher, he focused on the mobilization of intracellular calcium ions and the pharmacological characterization of recombinant adrenergic receptors in vitro. During his third project in his MRes degree, he investigated the therapeutic potential of two novel small-molecule inhibitors for the treatment of polycystic kidney disease in primary human renal cells.

Since 2019, he is an enrolled PhD student in Cardiovascular Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, in Portugal. As part of his PhD research, he is carrying out his project related to drug delivery, in the context of the H2020 TRAIN-HEART consortium. In particular, he is focusing on the optimization of intracardiac delivery of developed nanoformulated RNA therapeutics, in myocardial infarction models. His work is expected to give us an insight into the most effective and safest drug delivery strategy for targeting RNA molecules within cardiomyocytes, and will hopefully contribute to the successful pre-clinical development of novel therapeutics, for the treatment of ischaemic heart failure.

His future professional goals and ambitions include -but are not limited to- his involvement in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry sector.


- Hannover Medical School (group of Prof. Thum, Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies)

- Accelero Bioanalytics GmbH (Dr Lange, business development)

Host Institution

University of Porto

ESR: Panagiotis Peppas


Main supervisor: Prof. Adelino Leite Moreira

Co-supervisor: Dr Inês Falcão Pires