ESR introduction and

outline ESR Project 11

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Hussein obtained his bachelor’s degree 2014 from the faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University. He was ranked 6th among his class of 400 students which made him eligible to work as a teaching assistant in 2015 in the department of Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy in the same university. He worked on inhalable liposomes for treatment of autism and passed his premaster year with excellence.

In 2017 he was granted an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to do a joint master’s degree in Nanomedicine. This took him through Greece, France, Italy and the UK (Patras, Paris, Angers, Pavia and Lancaster universities respectively). During his studies, he developed an interest in translational nanomedicine. Learning the modalities of nanomedicine and their multiple applications influencing human health made him passionate to pursue a career in using nanotechnology for the favor of humanity. He did his thesis on 3D printing of smart electric-stimuli-responsive polymeric drug delivery systems and was ranked 1st among his class.

Following this experience by the end of 2019, he was granted another European scholarship under the framework of Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions | Horizon 2020 to carry out his PhD research studies at the laboratory of polymeric materials engineering (IMP), Claude Bernard University Lyon-1 in France. In the context of TRAIN-HEART project, he will develop innovative nanoparticles based on polyelectrolyte complexes which remain stable in physiological conditions by adapting intrinsic parameters of chitosan, recently developed by the group of Prof. Delair. Using these new nanoparticles, existing antisense oligonucleotides and sense oligonucleotides (mimics) will be delivered to the targeted heart tissue with improved pharmacokinetic properties and a sustained therapeutic stimulus. The main results of this project will be the generation of chitosan nanoparticles that improve delivery of candidate RNA therapeutics in ischemic heart failure cardiac tissue.


- University of Porto (group of Prof. Leite Moreira, cardiothoracic surgery)

Mirabilis Therapeutics BV (Dr Wit, pharmaceutical development)

Host Institution

Claude Bernard Lyon University

Hussein H. Genedy


Prof. Thierry Delair

Dr Alexandra Montembault