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The TRAIN-HEART programme builds on three research pilars.

Workpackage 1: Aims to delineate the expression pattern of 3 pre-discovered ncRNAs, their targetome and phenotypic importance in cardiac cell types in the course of ischemic forms of HF. This WP is therefore of key importance to discover ncRNA mechanisms underlying future RNA therapeutics for the treatment of ischemic HF.

Workpackage 2: Aims to test the in vivo efficacy of silencing or stimulating pre-existing ncRNA targets as potential experimental cardiac regeneration and repair strategies in ischemic HF. Here, ncRNA-based therapeutic strategies are subjected to proof-of-principle validation in rodent models. WP2 can be initiated from month 1 as 3 previously identified ncRNA targets from consortium members will be experimentally tested for therapeutic efficacy studies in vivo.

Workpackage 3: Aims to optimise delivery of ncRNA therapeutics in established large animal models of ischemic HF. Delivery, dose range finding and establishment of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ncRNA therapeutics and verification of absence of toxicity endpoints are comprehensively studied. WP3 can be initiated from month 1 as 2 previously identified ncRNA targets from network partners will be used for pre-clinical efficacy studies.

Workpackage 1: Pathogenesis

Workpackage 2: Therapeutic potential

Workpackage 3: Delivery