ESR Project 1

This PhD student will perform RNA sequencing to analyse the genome-wide expression of relevant targets of 3 new non coding RNA candidates in cultured cardiac cells. Data obtained is subsequently used to interrogate target-prediction algorithms, advanced cardiovascular proteomic analysis and argonaute-IP-based approaches to decipher the cell-type specific interactome/targetome of these new and therapeutically relevant non coding RNAs. The main result of this project will be the establishment of targetomes/interactomes of 3 new therapeutic non coding RNA candidates in ischemic heart failure.


- King's College London (groups of Prof. Mayr, cardiovascular proteomics, and Prof. Giacca, genetic engineering and biotechnology)

- Descin BV (Drs. Bessems, research project management)

Host Institution

Humanitas Mirasole


Main supervisor: Prof. Gianluigi Condorelli.

Co-supervisor: Dr Leonardo Elia.