ESR Project 8

This PhD student will determine the best route of administration and perform dose-range finding studies to interrogate competitively low mg/kg dosages of new RNA therapeuticsfor ischemic heart failurein repeated administration routes to adjust dosage to the least adaptive immunogenicity and off-target organ toxicity, viability/mortality, clinical symptoms, body weight, food consumption, kidney function, coagulation and clinical pathology (haematology, clinical chemistry and urinalysis). The main result of this project will be the completion of pharmacology/toxicity optimisation studies of new drug candidates for ischemic heart failure.


- Leiden University Medical Center (group of Prof. Burggraaf, Center for Human Drug Research)

- Technical University Munich (group of Prof. Engelhardt, Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology)

- University Medical Center Hamburg/Eppendorf (group of Prof. Eschenhagen, experimental pharmacology and toxicology)

Host Institution

Mirabilis Therapeutics BV


Main supervisor: Dr Jan Wit

Co-supervisor: Dr Sjep de Kimpe

Academic supervisor: Prof. Koos Burggraaf (Leiden University Medical Center)