ESR Project 5

This PhD student will translate experimental data on ischemic heart failure towards the human homologue, perform proteomics analysis for key non coding RNAs, identify relevant commonalities in regulated proteins, use bio-informatics analyses to identify regulation (from expression screens) or causal role (from functional screens) in concerted biological pathways, integrate effects of non coding RNAs on pathways and predict overall effects of interactions between expression in coding and non-coding genes and identify nodal points for each relevant pathway in terms of coding and non-coding genes. The main result of this project will be the establishment of a proteomic database with phylogenetically conserved regulated targets and regenerative pathways by non coding RNAs in ischemic heart failure.


- University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (group of Prof. Eschenhagen, experimental pharmacology and toxicology)  

-Miltenyi Biotec GmbH (group of Dr Eckardt, cardiac research)

Host Institution

King's College London


Main supervisor: Prof. Manuel Mayr

Co-supervisor: Dr Anna Zampetaki