ESR Project 11

This PhD student will develop innovative nanoparticles based on nano-sized complexes which remain stable in physiological conditions by adapting intrinsic parameters of chitosan, recently developed by the group of Prof. Delair. Using these new nanoparticles, existing antisense oligonucleotides and sense oligonucleotides (mimics) will be delivered to improve pharmacokinetic properties and a sustained therapeutic stimulus of the injured heart tissue. The main results of this project will be the generation of chitosan nanoparticles that improve delivery of candidate RNA therapeutics in ischemic heart failure cardiac tissue.


- University of Porto (group of Prof. Leite Moreira, cardiothoracic surgery)

Mirabilis Therapeutics BV (Dr Wit, pharmaceutical development)

Host Institution

Claude Bernard Lyon University


Prof. Thierry Delair

Dr Alexandra Montembault