ESR Project 12

This PhD student will develop innovative nanoparticles based on bioinspired negatively charged calcium phosphate developed by the group of Dr Catalucci. Using these new negatively charged calcium phosphate nanoparticles, novel RNA therapeutics (i.e. antisense oligonucleotides and microRNA mimics) will be delivered to improve pharmacokinetic properties and create a sustained therapeutic stimulus to injured heart tissue. The main result of this project will be the generation of negatively charged calcium phosphate nanoparticles to silence a long non coding RNA target and overexpress a particular microRNA target in ischemic heart failure cardiac tissue.


- Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 (group of Prof. Delair, engineering of polymer materials)

- Mirabilis Therapeutics BV (Dr. Wit, pharmaceutical development)

Host Institution

Humanitas Mirasole


Main supervisor: Prof. Gianluigi Condorelli.

Co-supervisor: Dr Daniele Catalucci.