ESR Project 9

This PhD student will uncover the mechanistic basis for ncRNA candidates in hearts from gain- and loss-of-function mouse models by bioinformatics approaches, target-prediction algorithms, advanced cardiovascular proteomic analysis and high throughput sequencing coupled to argonaute-IP-based approaches to define the cell-type specific targetome of therapeutically relevant ncRNA interactomes. The main result of this project will be the functional characterisation and relevant interactomes of non coding RNA candidates as therapeutic targets in ischemic heart failure in vivo


- King's College London (groups of Prof. Mayr, cardiovascular proteomics, and Prof. Giacca, genetic engineering and biotechnology)

- Descin BV (Drs. Bessems, research project management)

Host Institution

Maastricht University


Main supervisor: Prof. Leon de Windt

Co-supervisor: Dr Paula da Costa Martins