ESR Project 6

This PhD student will modulate pre-existing non coding RNA candidates using antisense oligonucleotides in mice with myocardial infarction. Resulting loss-of-function animal models are phenotyped using (non-) invasive imaging technology to assess the therapeutic potential of modulating these novel non coding RNAs. After surgery, heart samples are used for histology of cellular and organ morphology, fibrotic events in the remote myocardium, and abundance of heart failure biomarker genes. The main result of this project will be the establishment of loss-of-function mouse models forcandidate non coding RNAs in ischemic heart failure. Mechanistic studies will address molecular signaling pathways regulated by these noncoding RNAs.


- Maastricht University (group of Prof. de Windt, molecular cardiology)

- Miltenyi Biotech GmbH (group of Dr Eckardt, cardiac research)

Host Institution

Hannover Medical School


Main supervisor: Prof. Thomas Thum

Co-supervisor: Dr Filippo Perbellini