ESR Project 2

This PhD student will characterise the expression of the targetome of 3 non-coding (nc) RNAs in order to define their phenotypic role in ischemic heart disease. This goal requires development and application of cutting-edge technologies for sample preparation like standardised, automated dissociation of adult mouse hearts and purification of cardiac cell types by magnetic or fluorescence-based cell sorting as well as cell and RNA analytics like 2D and 3D multiplex microscopy, sequencing, qRT-PCR, in situhybridisation and Northern blotting. Therefore, this project aims at the development of enabling technologies in order to address the phenotypic role of cardiovascular ncRNAs within this project.


- Hannover Medical School (groups of Dr Bär and Prof. Thum, Institute of Molecular and Translational Therapeutic Strategies)

- Maastricht University (group of Prof. de Windt, molecular cardiology)

Host Institution

Miltenyi Biotec GmbH


Main supervisor: Dr. Dominik Eckardt

Co-supervisor: Dr Carsten Poggel

Academic supervisor: Dr Christian Bär (Hannover Medical School)